TM Signature Skinboosters

What are Skin Boosters?

    • It acts like injectable skincare.
    • Promotes and stimulates the production of youthful collagen, elastic fibres, and connective tissues
    • It helps to boost the repair process of the skin. 
    • Skin boosters usually contain hyaluronic acid ingredients that can instantly plump up the skin to hold 1000X its weight in water into the skin. 
    • Skin boosters often contain other beneficial ingredients that can also boost the quality of the skin.

Who are suitable?

    • Anyone who wants to have better skin quality
    • Anti-ageing procedure 
    • Skin brightening and glow
    • Skin clearing and prevention of acne 
    • Intense skin moisturisation 
    • Softer skin 
    • Smoother skin texture

What to expect during the treatment?

    • Numbing cream applied over the skin for about 20 mins 
    • The doctor would start the injection over the skin 
    • Microinjection of the product injected over the superficial surface of the skin

How many sessions?

    • Once to twice a month.
    • The effect is observed after a few days 
    • When results are achieved, it can be repeated once every few months for maintenance.

Is there any downtime?

    • Can expect a downtime of a few days, depending on individuals 
    • Occasional bruising is expected, but it is usually small
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