Face Treatment

PicoSure Oshiroi Laser/ 白粉レーザ

TM Medical Signature skincare laser treatment that lightens skin without any downtime. It is the most popular treatment among Japanese Expats. Oshiroi Laser provides incredible whitening of the skin tone, treats skin texture and acne scars as well. 

Fillers and Injectables/ 注入施術一覧

The highly skilled doctor at TM Medical providing immediate results with dermal filler and volume restoration work. Shaping and contouring of the features can be achieved. Restoration of volume instantly restores youthful appearance and prevents further sagging.

Anti-aging Injection/ プロフロ

Profhilo provides a minimally invasive injection technique, stimulating bio-remodeling of the skin. Skin cells actually behave younger after, true break true in medical aesthetic history. 

Lift Up/ リフトアップ

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Technology stimulates instant collagen remodeling and new collagen regrowth, to slow down the aging timeline if done regularly. 

Skincare/ スキンケア

Medical grade chemical peels, massage peels, or bubble peels for quick lunchtime medical-facial procedures that are effective and efficient for the instant Hollywood glow. Also great for the reduction of acne-prone skin, blemishes, and scars. 

HIKO Nose lifting Threads/ ヒコ鼻スレッドリフト

A safe and effective method for the pinched-up nose bridge and lifting of the nose tips. Akin to nose implants surgery, without actually doing any form of invasive surgery. It is a lunchtime procedure that takes less than 1 hour in total. 

As seen on Parti, Mangosteen Magazines, TM Medical Aesthetics is Singapore’s leading aesthetics clinic, providing all types of medical aesthetic treatments. 

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