3D Face Mapping

Can beauty actually be measured?

Known as the Golden Ratio, 1.6 is considered the approximate measurement of beauty of the face. In 1982, Robert M. Rickets identified that proportions between two lines of facial measurements should approach the golden ratio of 1.618. Attributes such as facial symmetry, eye shape and nose length are all determinants of what is aesthetically pleasing, regardless of ethnicity. The human face often presents a mild degree of asymmetry. However, when the degree of asymmetry bothers the patients, they often seek ways to correct it.

TM Medical Aesthetics understands the needs of the industry to call for precision. And now, we can advise in a revolutionary way! Our 3D visualization equipment will enable our doctor to have an accurate and unique visualization of your face shape from any angle.

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When we have a 3D representation augmented with anatomical reference points, it empowers us to obtain standardized and comparative images throughout your journey with us. 

And most importantly, evaluating aesthetic treatments for volume changes cannot be illustrated just by regular 2D imagery. 

Schedule a visit with us today and determine how we can tailor treatments so spot-on that results will be dramatically better than before.

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