PDO Thread Lift

What is PDO Thread Lift?

PDO Thread Lift

Collagen and Elastin are the crus of bouncy youthful skin. Unfortunately, as we age, the rate of collagen renewal decreases. This causes the skin to lose youthful tenacity. Oral collagen and exercise are just not sufficient to keep the face tight and lifted, sagging skin starts to show and makes us look aged.  Localized biostimulation such as PDO threads can effectively stimulate the body to produce additional collagen, elastin, and fibroblast over the treatment area

How does it work?

    • Polydioxanone (PDO) material, same as the material used in surgical sutures. 
    • Baby threads are fine Nano-sized threads that are as thin as your hair strands.
    • It biostimulates the production of collagen and elastin over the area that is placed
    • Thickens the skin 
    • Provides immediate skin tightening results
    • Long-lasting skin firming and lifting results 

Where can it be placed?

    • Can be placed almost every part of the face and body
    • Forehead, Temples,
    • Eye areas, upper eyelids, under eyes, corner of eyes 
    • Cheeks
    • Nasolabial folds
    • Lips, corner of lips
    • Chin area, 
    • Jawline 
    • Neck

Is it safe?

    • It should be done by someone who is trained in anatomy, to ensure absolute safety. 
    • It does not have the risk of vascular embolism/occlusion like dermal fillers injection
    • PDO is the same material that is used in surgery that is completed bio-degradable
    • Generally very safe when performed in a trained and experienced doctor
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