HIKO Nose lifting threads




Nose threads are becoming a more popular way of improving the profile of the nose. Increasing the height of the nose and straightening it gives an added sense of confidence without under going the knife.

What is HIKO Nose Lifting Treads?

    • Using thick strands of Polydioxanone (PDO) material
    • Provide the structure for the nose bridge
    • Straightens and Lifts the nose bridge
    • Provides added height to the nose 
    • Can also offer added height to the nose tip

What are its advantages?

    • Does not have vascular complication associated with dermal fillers 
    • Does not cause broadening of nose bridge like dermal fillers over time
    • Can achieve sharper and straighter outline results
    • Non-surgical 
    • The quick procedure of about 30 minutes
    • Results are more natural-looking

What is the procedure like?

    • Local injection with lignocaine is injected over the nose
    • Insertion puncture is made 
    • Threads are inserted through a cannula (blunt needle) 
    • Insertion puncture is covered with a plaster/sterile strip 

What is expected after?

    • The swelling will get worse after a few days because of inflammation 
    • There can be slight pain for a few days 
    • Risk of infection is possible but usually very low risk if carried out in good hands

How long does it last?

    • Depending on the individual, it typically lasts for about a year; some find that the results persist
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