Laser Hair Removal





Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

More effective results with medical-grade laser devices, a shorter number of sessions
Significant hair reduction with one session
Lower risk of burns compared to non-doctor operated IPL hair removal salons.
Treats ingrown hair, prevents folliculitis (infection of hair follicles)
Laser Hair removal prevents the need for razors which can cause razor burns,
hyperpigmentation and ingrown hair.
Almost painless procedure with high tech cooling integrated device.
lady peel

Where can I treat?

Facial hair, I.e. sideburns, upper lip, neck, chin, cheek area
Upper thighs
Genital areas – Brazilian full or partial
Lower legs

Is it Painful?

FDA-approved devices uses Dynamic Cooling Device™ (DCD™) that blast cryogen (cooling agent) onto the skin as the laser is irradiated. Process almost painful, except for a mild rubber band snapping sensation.

How many treatment sessions needed?

It will generally take multiple sessions, and it would depend on the area treated and individual as the laser does not target hair in the dormant growth phase. It would generally require a period of a few months for complete hair removal and maintenance after that.

What do you need to do before treatment?

We would recommend a consultation before to ensure sufficient preparation before the laser procedure day. We would advise the patient to not epilate or wax the area right before the laser procedure as the hair root is essential for the laser hair removal to work.

Precaution after the treatment?

Avoidance of direct sun exposure is recommended right after the treatment for at least 1 week. Apply a copious amount of SPF to protect the skin.

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