Laser Facial






What is Laser Facial?

    • This Laser works like a facial as it is simple and effective. 
    • It is a Copper bromide laser (Dual yellow; Norseld), the dual-wavelength light source comprising yellow at 578nm and green at 511nm. 
    • Yellow light targets vessels and green targets pigments such as melanin predominantly. 

What can it treat?

    • Melasma- Renowned for its complex pathogenesis and high risk of worsening with other laser devices in the market. 
    • Melasma is treated safely with Copper bromide laser; yellow and green light energy without making it worse.
    • Results is long-lasting in Melasma condition. 
    • Treats dull skin condition. 
    • Treats active cystic acne lesions effectively.
    • Treats Rosacea and erythematous blushing skin condition. 

Who is it suitable for?

  • Anyone who would like to have overall skin brightening and rejuvenation 
  • Very safe and effective for Melasma 
  • Also safe for very dark skin types. 
  • Currently trending in the Philippines for skin lightening. 

Treatment Process

  • Cleanse the whole face 
  • Conducting cooling gel applied to the whole face 
  • Laser applied by the doctor 
  • Gel removed and face cleansed 
  • No downtime may get mild redness of the skin that resolves by the end of the day
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