FIllers and Injectables/注入施術一覧

Hyaluronic Acid/ヒアルロン酸施術

It is a natural component found in our bodies. It can be used to restore loss volume areas, and lift up the face. It is completely absorbable by the body. Results is natural, depending the doctor’s skill and aesthetic views.


Botox can be used for dynamic wrinkles of the face, reduction of the jaw, or calves, shoulders. It can also be used for reduction of sweat glands activity over the armpits or use to treat oily skin over the face or palms. 

Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid Fillers/ヒアルロン酸フィラーの利点

  • Restores lost Volume.
  • Supports collagen tissue.
  • Adds moisture and elasticity to the skin.
  • It can absorb water 1000x its molecular weight.
  • Maintains the skin by keeping the skin firm, fresh and young.

Is it safe?/安全ですか?

  • Deciding on the placement and the filler amount is complex and should only be performed by a skilled and experienced doctor who is familiar with facial anatomy.
  • Certified doctors in Singapore only perform it.
  • HA is a low risk of an allergic reaction. 
  • However, it should be carried out in a medical clinic in case of any rare adverse reaction. 
  • It is also crucial that the injection of dermal fillers is performed by a practitioner that has a keen eye on aesthetics and art.

How long does it last for/どのくらい続きますか?

    • It lasts for about 6 months to 2 years depending on the lifestyle and individual. 
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