1 Hack for a instant pout. “Botox Lip Flip” is the trend in injectables!!! Here are 5 things you need to know!!

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Youthful lips are always in trend. But not everyone is keen on dermal fillers. A great alternative to a subtle yet satisfying result is using Botox aka Lip Flip. 

If you want to enhance your lips, and admire the looks of Kylie Jenner or Angelina Jolie, but not quite prepared with filling them with hyaluronic acid, perhaps the idea of instilling fillers is too scary, or you are afraid of overdoing it, then “lip Flip” might just be the answer. And I am loving the results so far.

The Botox lip flip can be an excellent alternative to fillers for patients who want a more subtle lip enhancement, as well as those who want to enhance the shape of their upper lip with minimal effort.

What is the Botox lip flip?

As the name implies, the Botox lip flip involves using Botox, or botulinum toxins. It paralyses the Orbicularis Oris muscle, muscles in the lips that encircles the mouth, giving you that sexy pouty look.

How does the lip flip work?

Performing a Botox lip flip is so simple. It involves injecting only a very minute amount of botox into the muscles around the lips. Botox will temporarily relax the part of the muscle over the upper lips, causing the lips to roll slightly upwards, making the lips more voluminous and full. It can also be used to smooth out vertical lines around the lips.

The effect can start to set in within a day and the full results by the end of the second week. These results can last up to 6 months, depending on the individual’s metabolism.

Be sure to not use too much Botox, as the risk is over paralyzing the lips, preventing them to move. It takes a higher level of acumen of professionalism to give safe and good results.”

Botox lip flip vs. lip fillers

Botox Lip Flip is not the same as lip fillers, and it provides different results. At TM Medical Aesthetics, we provide both procedures depending on the individual’s needs and suitability. Generally, lip fillers provide more volume and lip flip is for a more subtle flip and natural.

You likely will be happy with the Botox lip flip if: 

  • You would like a subtle, sexy “pout” to your lips
  • You feel your upper lip looks invisible when you smile
  • You want fuller-looking lips but do not want additional volume
  • You want a more temporary treatment (3-4 months)

Fillers are likely a better lip enhancement option if: 

  • You would like additional volume in the upper and/or lower lip
  • You would like to address more severe vertical lip lines
  • You would like to improve overall lip shape and symmetry
  • You want a longer-lasting lip enhancement (6-12 months)

For some cases, the best solution is to combine Botox with fillers. Using fillers to enhance lip volume and Botox to lift the edge of the upper or lower lips, giving the dynamic pout.

How much does the Botox lip flip cost?

The Botox lip flip costs $80 – $200 per treatment. It is inexpensive since we only need a few units of Botox to achieve this effect.

So if you are looking for a very cost-effective solution but beautiful improvement in lips shape and appearance, Botox Lip Flip might be the answer.

How can I get a natural lip flip result?

It is very important to look for an experienced practitioner as too much Botox can limit the muscle and prevent the normal movement of your lips. For example, not able to whistle or use a straw, or asymmetry.

Schedule your Botox Lip Flip at TM Medical Aesthetic

Our highly trained Medical Doctors have extensive experience with Botox and fillers and they work closely with Plastic Surgeons in Japan. If you’re interested in checking out the lip flip yourself, we invite you to call or text us for a personal consultation at +65 8892 9320.

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