Biostimulator Natural Solution

Biostimulators Fillers, non-dissolvable fillers, or liquid threads are a more popular way to maintain the natural contours of the face, subtly and gradually. It is a favorite among all ages, from younger to older. At TM, we like to cultivate anti-aging beauty slow and naturally, and biostimulators helps to achieve that. 



What is a biostimulator filler?

    • It contains material that stimulates the body to produce collagen, giving the skin the natural elasticity overtime. 
    • It is a non-resorbable filler. 

What are some of the brands in the market?


  • Made of poly-L-lactic acid
  • It is an FDA-approved
  • Results can last up to 2 years.


  • Calcium hydroxylapatite
  • Used for 20 years.
  • FDA approved for facial augmentation
  • Results can last up to 2 years.
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